School Supply Lists

My son's last day of school was just barely a week ago and his school supply list for next year has already been posted on the school's website. The list keeps getting bigger and bigger every year and while I try to reuse some things that are still reusable, I still have to pay a lot for his supplies, in addition to a fee for work books, etc., which is going to be $30 next year. Do you have to pay a lot for school supplies and fees for your kids? What kind of supplies do you remember needing when you were in school? I remember loving Mead Trapper Keepers and folders and I always had a cool pencil box and backpack and basically other than that all I needed was some paper and pencils.

I'll gladly accept donations! *LOL* : )

6th Grade Supply List
  •  3” 3-ring binder with clear plastic cover pockets on the inside- No Trapper Keepers
  •  2 packages of plastic dividers with pockets
  •  2 packages of loose leaf paper with holes
  •  1 box of #2 wooden pencils ONLY- No mechanical pencils
  •  1 package of highlighters
  •  2 boxes of tissues
  •  2 containers of Clorox wipes
  •  1 package of low-odor dry erase markers-Expo (for student use, will be collect by homeroom teacher)
  •  Pencil bag (with holes to keep in binder)
  •  Optional: 3 – Hole Punch (that fits in binder)
  •  Book Cover for Reading Textbook
  • 1 package of 3x5 Index Cards
  • Red and Blue Ink Pens ( For Reading Class)
Student Fees
  • Reading $9.00
  • Math $11.00
  • Science $10.00


  1. Wow! Some supplies are very specific like the pencil bag.

    I don't quite remember what I needed back in primary school. I always wanted a new backpack every year. We had to pay 20$ for the school activities.

    I know that half of the stuff my parents bought were never used so it was a total waste of money. If I think this past semester at university, I spent over 100$ in supplies for my art class and I've used less than half of what I bought. I'll probably never use those again. I so don't have money to waste like that.

  2. A lot of the stuff that they "required" when I was in school ended up not being needed. Their attempt at forcing us to organize usually backfired horribly.

  3. I think it is highway robbery they way they charge today. I thought that was why we paid school taxes.

    When My daughter was young, everything was furnished.

  4. I think this is crazy. I know my local walmart usually has a little cardboard kiosk type thing with the name of the schools and what supplies they need. Luckily I don't have to do this with my son's school. I'm waiting for it though. They're trying to find ways to cut costs. One thing they suggested was eliminating fieldtrips. I thought that was aweful. I think I'd prefer to buy some school supplies over eliminating the kids' fieldtrips.