K pour Karite Review

About K pour Karité
K pour Karité is the result of 20 years of experience working with professional hairdressers. The expertise of French based Laboratoire Ariland in this area has lead to a range of certified organic hair care and styling products. Their mission is simple and is to provide the best products and service to their customers at the lowest prices possible. They take great pride in their company and their commitment to customer service and in the products they sell, which meet the needs of the entire family, men, women, and children. K pour Karité products are suitable for all hair types and come in stylish recyclable packaging. Their online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse their product catalog. They offer free shipping on orders over $75. K pour Karité products contain plants, fruits, and essential oils such as shea butter, ginger, sage, white nettle, cider vinegar, rosemary, sandalwood, patchouli, citrus fruits, mint, petit grain, and Italian lemon. You can connect with K pour Karité on Facebook and/or Twitter for more information about their products.

My Review
I received samples of the Shea Butter Serum, Hair Styling Cream, and Gentle Shampoo from K pour Karité for review. On using the Gentle Shampoo, I really like it and my hair seems to feel softer the next day after using it. The Shea Butter Serum seems to give my hair more of a greasy look rather than shine and even makes my hair feel greasy after using it. I like the Hair Styling Cream best. I like to straighten my hair with a flat iron occasionally and using the Hair Styling Cream from K pour Karité only makes that job easier. It takes less time to straighten my hair and it stays straight longer than it would if I didn't use anything in my hair. My hair is also soft after using the Hair Styling Cream and when I run my fingers through my hair I can't tell I've used anything on it at all and my hair doesn't look or feel greasy.

I can smell all of the natural ingredients when using the K pour Karité products, which isn't always necessarily a good thing in my opinion, but after several minutes the scent goes away. It does take longer for the scent of the Hair Styling Cream to go away as it has a stronger scent than the other two products I tried. This is the case when using any products containing natural ingredients though so it's not a big deal so as long as the scent goes away, and it does rather quickly. My only complaint is that the directions on the products are not real clear, especially on the serum and styling cream. A brochure was included with my package with directions but the actual directions were not clear on the actual bottles of product. I'm not sure if this was because they were sample size or not though. I used the serum on both dry hair and mixed in my shampoo but it seemed to make my hair look and feel greasy when used either way. I used the styling cream on dry hair before I styled or straightened it.

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