Fatboy Marinade Review

About Fatboy Marinade
Fatboy Marinade is made right here in the United States and is unlike anything you've ever tasted before. Fatboy Marinade works to tenderize meat and enhances the flavor of whatever it is that you're cooking. Fatboy Marinade has been used in various BBQ experiments across the east coast. Fatboy Marinade is great on steak, fish, pork and chicken, as well as many other meats and even beverages if you dare. Fatboy Marinade, in just 1 year of business, is already being carried in almost 1,000 stores from Maine to Virginia. You can find secret recipes using Fatboy Marinade here. You can find out by using the store locator if a store near you carries Fatboy Marinade or you can order online. You can also follow Fatboy Karl Dias, the creator of this world famous Fatboy Marinade, on Twitter for even more info.

My Take on Fatboy Marinade
After passing the "finger dip test" and loving the flavor, I marinated a couple of steaks in Fatboy Marinade overnight to make for dinner the next day. When it was time to eat the steak, it was so tender that I almost didn't have to use a knife to cut it. The steak was not tough or chewy but was just right. The flavor was amazing and little to no extra steak sauce was needed as it was already packed with flavor. Fatboy Marinade has kind of a sweet BBQ flavor with a touch of pizzazz. Everyone at the table enjoyed their steak with Fatboy Marinade. We also tried it on burgers later on and everyone loved it that way as well. It really gave the burgers a great taste. Fatboy Marinade is also great with chicken, even as a dip for chicken strips. In my opinion, Fatboy Marinade is really an all-purpose sauce as it is great with everything you try it on. My family and I loved it and I'm sure yours will too. I look forward to trying the next sauce that Fatboy Marinade creates, which I've been told is Honey Mustard, and I just know I'll love it.


  1. Hubs loves marinade... me, I eat my steak plain because most everything has sugar added to it.

    I stopped over and visited their site.... can't find a store near me but I see I can order through them.

  2. This stuff is the BOMB! I put it on a steak bomb as a condiment it was awesome!