Why I Love Renting Movies From Redbox

Approximately a year ago, Movie Gallery, which was only one of two video stores in our area, closed down due to the bad economy and ultimately due to bankruptcy. We never really frequented the other movie store. I went in once to get a membership and they practically wanted to see every piece of ID I owned plus a bill receipt (who carries those around anyway) so I never went back in. We like to watch a lot of movies as a family and sometimes just by ourselves when the kids are away and the kids also like to rent one just for themselves every now and then. It seemed like every few months the rental prices just kept getting higher and higher so we spent a lot of money at Movie Gallery. When they closed, we purchased a DVR and would often rent movies directly from there, which was great because we didn't even have to leave the house, but they were kind of pricey as well and you only had 24 and sometimes 48 hours to watch the rental before it was taken off the DVR. I work two jobs and I get up early and work long hours so often times I fall asleep before I finish a movie so the DVR wasn't ideal all the time. It was around this time that I had started to see these big red boxes popping up at Kroger and Wal-Mart in the area where you could rent movies for just $1 a night. I was reluctant to rent from them at first because you had to use to credit card to do so but I eventually gave in and I'm glad I did.

For just $1 per night per movie we can grab a movie or two at Redbox while we're grocery shopping or shopping for household items and just return it at any Redbox location when we're done. We can even reserve online (which I haven't tried yet). Redbox also offers special discounts all the time, saving you even more, and you can even have the codes sent to your cell phone. Redbox always sends me an email immediately email when I rent or return a movie, reassuring me that I won't be overcharged or that they have in fact received my rental back. You can also browse through older movies that Redbox has for sale, which are only $5. The worst part about renting from Redbox is that sometimes you have to wait in line and if the person in front of you isn't sure what movie they'd like to rent then sometimes you might have to wait a while and since the box at our nearest location (Kroger) is outside, sometimes this means waiting in the rain or cold to rent a movie, which is less than fun. Not all are outside though as the Redbox at our local Wal-Mart is inside out of the weather and is comfortable to rent from.

All in all I'm happy with Redbox and just hope they can keep the same low prices for rentals and keep offering discount codes to help me and my family save even more because there's nothing more that we love than sharing a big bowl of popcorn and a good laugh while watching a movie in the comfort of our own home.

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