Prefense Now Has Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Earlier this year I wrote a review for Prefense Hand Sanitizer and you can check that out here. I love Prefense Hand Sanitizer so I was glad when I found out that Prefense now carries Hand Sanitizing Wipes. Each container contains 35 hand and face wipes and can be used for everyday protection, whether at work or play. Remember, Prefense is non-toxic and safe for kids and contains soothing botanicals that softens your hands to prevent drying, redness and chapping. You can purchase Prefense Hand Sanitizing Wipes in their online store or starting next week in their Amazon store. So pick up a container or two for your household this summer and don't be afraid to get out of the house with your kids and get dirty playing because you can rest assured that Prefense Hand Sanitizing Wipes will take care of the germs.

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