Movie Review: Like Dandelion Dust

Like Dandelion Dust is a film based on the novel by New York Times best-selling author Karen Kingsbury featuring Academy Award Winner Mira Sorvino, Golden Globe Nominee Barry Pepper, Kate Levering, Maxwell Perry Cotton, and Cole Hauser. Like Dandelion Dust is a compelling drama about 6-year-old Joey, who is a young boy living the idyllic life with his adoptive parents on the coast of Florida where he loves to sail with his dad and sometimes steer the boat. One day his mother receives a disturbing phone call informing her that his birth parents in Ohio want him back. Joey could be tore away from the only life, and parents, he's ever known. One family is determined to keep the son they have raised and loved all his life, and the other family is determined to start their lives over with a new beginning and their son. When watching this film you'll definitely feel for both families but right from the beginning you'll know which family you'd rather see Joey with. You'll realize how quickly the people you love can be taken away from you. One family will have to make the bravest decision of their life and one family will have to learn to that sometimes the greatest love is letting go. You'll be sure to cry both happy and sad tears when watching this film, which I highly recommend you do.

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