Celebrate Earth Day 2011

I've always been passionate about reducing, reusing, and recycling and I try to live my life as green as possible, although I know there is more that I can do but I'm proud to say that at least I'm going in the right direction. A lot of the time I use reusable bags when I shop and if I don't I either take the plastic bags back to the store in their recycling bin just for plastic bags or I make good use of them at home by using them as trash can liners. We keep lights off in rooms we are not using. About a year ago, we took advantage of the Ohio Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program and purchased a new energy efficient washer but I still try to only wash full loads of laundry. I have a dish washer but choose not to use it as it uses so much energy, time, and water just to wash the same dishes that I can in just a fraction of the time. We recycle our bottles/jugs, cans, newspapers/magazines, boxes, etc. I have reusable lunch containers for lunch and reusable bottles that get a lot of use especially during the summer months. We also plant a small garden in the summer that doesn't always do great but we try. We reuse jugs and ice cream containers to store our dogs food and water.

I know there is a lot more that I can do to go green but even the smallest steps count. For instance, we used to burn our newspapers and boxes several times a week but I'm proud to say that since recycling bins were placed locally in many different locations around our area, we have not done this in years. It took a little while but with some encouragement I have managed to get my whole family involved in recycling, including my kids. My stubborn parents have even taken a step in the right direction and recycle, which couldn't make me more proud. My kids pretty much know what things we use that are to be recycled and if they don't know they always ask.

It's important that we take care of our Earth so that it can take care of us. Even doing the smallest thing counts. It's important to encourage others to do the same, especially our kids because they are the future. What kinds of things do you do and your family do to reduce, reuse, and recycle? Do you reduce, reuse, or recycle in a unique or fun way? I want to hear all about it as we celebrate Earth Day 2011.

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