Apple Sliced Weekly Deals

Apple Sliced is a site devoted to finding you the lowest prices on Apple products.  Apple Sliced has a new Deals section on their site where they will feature weekly deals on Apple products (sometimes more or less frequently depending no how often they can secure a great deal). The deals will last until the product is sold out (depending on the deal there might be 20 items available or 100). Apple Sliced will announce all their great deals in advance via email newsletter, Twitter, and RSS so follow them so you don't miss out on any deals. You can also check out their blog for more Apple Sliced news.

Most deals can be purchased directly from Apple Sliced using Amazon Payments. Amazon Payments lets you safely and securely use your account to make online purchases. Sometimes the deals are negotiated through trusted Apple Sliced merchant partners which require you to checkout on their site.

The first Apple Sliced deal starts today at 2 p.m. EST and is for an iPod shuffle which is available in five different colors for just $30 but they also have lined up deals on iTunes gift cards, iPads, MacBooks, etc.

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