Beano's Brand Sauces Review

About Beano's
Conroy Foods grew out of a restaurant called "Beano's" Pizza and Suds. It was located just outside of Pittsburgh in a small town called Blawnox. Brothers Jim and Bill founded the restaurant. Their menu consisted of pizza, submarine sandwiches and Italian entrees. The brothers worked long days and nights and the business had become very successful. In 1989, a customer suggested they should sell their submarine dressing to grocery stores and they began researching the idea. The family began visiting local grocery stores, going to national submarine sandwich chains and reading trade magazines. Much to their surprise, they discovered that there wasn't a dressing or condiment specifically designed for the submarine sandwich. They also found that the submarine sandwich category was one of the fastest growing food categories in the country. It was Jim, his wife, and his brother who formed Conroy Foods Inc. They began putting in even longer hours. They worked their separate jobs during the day and in the evening they would all come together to bottle the family recipe. Their first customer was a local grocery store chain headquartered in Pittsburgh. At the time, they had about 125 stores in 3 states. They visited with each Deli Manager and gave out samples. The response was great and the orders started coming in. In 1991, as the distribution grew, they sold the restaurant and became devoted  full time to manufacturing their Submarine Dressing and to the development of new items. They currently sell their condiments in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Central America.

You can use the locator to find out where to buy Beano's products at a store near you or you can have Beano's products shipped directly to you. You can also connect with Beano's Brand via Facebook and/or Twitter. Don't forget to check out the Recipe Center for some great recipes using Beano's Brand sauces.

My Take on Beano's Sauces
I had the opportunity to review three of Beano's Brand Deli Condiments, Beano's Buffalo Sandwich Sauce, Beano's All American Sandwich Spread, and Beano's Honey Mustard. My family and I used the sauces on some homemade sub sandwiches for dinner.

Everybody at our table was in agreement that we loved the All American Sandwich Spread best. It has a very similar taste to McDonald's Big Mac Sauce, which I'm a huge fan of. This sauce gave the sub a perfect added touch and would be great on any kind of sandwich or would be great for dipping as well. This is now my favorite sandwich spread which I plan on ordering more of this very soon.

The Buffalo Sandwich Sauce in my opinion was a bit warm but I'm a wimp when it comes to very hot food and sauce so I only used a little bit of this sauce. It had a very nice buffalo flavor. My boyfriend really likes spicy foods and sauces so he really liked this sauce. I think anyone that can handle spicy foods or sauces would really love this sauce on their sandwich. It would be great with any kind of sub or sandwich, but especially one with chicken.

The Honey Mustard Sauce was more of a spicy honey mustard sauce than a sweet honey mustard sauce. My boyfriend liked this one better than I did although I did like it and it had a very nice flavor to it. It was a great addition to my sub and would be great with any kind of sub or sandwich or used as a dip for pretzels maybe.

The great thing about these sauces is that refrigeration is only recommended but not required so if you'd like you can just leave them sitting on your table or in your pantry. I decided to refrigerate mine and they fit nicely on my refrigerator shelf as they were not too big or too small. Overall I'd say I loved these sauces, especially the All American Sandwich Spread. They also carry other sauces, including Beano's Original Submarine Dressing, Beano's "When Buffaloes Fly" Chicken Wing Sauce, Beano's Authentic Southwest Sandwich Sauce, Beano's Bold and Tangy Deli Mustard, Beano's Heavenly Horse Radish Sauce, Beano's Wasabi Sandwich Sauce, and Rosa's Italian Submarine Dressing. I recommend you pick up a bottle or two from the store if available near you or definitely order some online if you can't because these sauces can really jazz up any sandwich or sub no matter which sauce you choose.

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