Aunt Nellie's Vegetables Review

About Aunt Nellie's Vegetables
Aunt Nellie's Vegetables are good for you. All of Aunt Nellie's Vegetables are harvested at just the right moment, and packed in a matter of hours, to ensure that just-picked flavor. You get garden-like freshness bursting with flavor, without all of the work. Aunt Nellie's Vegetable varieties are the perfect accompaniment for any main dish, or to give that special recipe homemade appeal. You can buy Aunt Nellie's Vegetable at Seneca Foods' Online Store for $14.25 a case, which is 12 (13 to 16 oz.) jars. I've also seen them at Kroger.

My Take on Aunt Nellie's Vegetables
I was sent Aunt Nellie's Harvard Beets, Aunt Nellie's Sliced Pickled Beets, Aunt Nellie's Sliced Beets, and Aunt Nellie's Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage to try. I was given a few recipes that included Aunt Nellie's Vegetables and I really liked the sound of the Festive Beet and Citrus Salsa using the Sliced Pickled Beets. I didn't have any cilantro or ginger handy, nor did I have a lemon so I had to kind of change the recipe a bit. I didn't use the cilantro or ginger but I added a little extra green onion and I used lemon juice instead of lime juice. It literally just took a few minutes to prepare and all I had to do was refrigerate and enjoy. I really liked my version of the Festive Beet and Citrus Salsa using the Aunt Nellie's Sliced Pickled Beets and my friend Roxy did as well. We ate the salsa with crackers. We thought that the beets really gave this salsa a really unique twist and between us both we ate the salsa up within a few of days.

I didn't really have time to use the Aunt Nellie's Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage in a recipe, although I thought the Red Cabbage and Sausage Skillet recipe sounded wonderful. Instead, I just simply snacked on it straight from the jar since I love my veggies any way I can get them, raw, cooked, warm, etc. The Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage had a wonderful taste to it and wasn't too sweet or too sour and was in small but not too small pieces. I even heated a bit of this up in the microwave and it was great that way as well. I had to make myself put the jar down before I ate the whole jar by myself in one setting.

Aunt Nellie's Vegetables are great for making main dishes, sides, or eaten all by themselves straight from the jar so I'd recommend Aunt Nellie's Vegetables to anyone young and old because they have such a wonderful, fresh taste. They'd even be great to take along on road trips as healthy snacks instead of chips and candy and since you can put the lid right back on you wouldn't have to worry about spills.

In addition to the vegetables I tried, Aunt Nellie's also carries Aunt Nellie's Whole Onions, Aunt Nellie's 3-Bean Salad, Aunt Nellie's Corn Relish, Aunt Nellie's Pickled Beets and Onions, and Aunt Nellie's Whole Pickled Beets. You can find tons of recipes using Aunt Nellie's Vegetables right from their website.


  1. These would be handy to have around. I imagine they keep for a long time.