Old Family Photos

Over the weekend I was going through some old family photos that belonged to my Granny who passed away in 2002. She would have been 90 years old in September. I remember as a kid she kept all her photo albums in a trunk in her bedroom and she had tons of them. She gave me a couple of albums before she was put into a nursing home and I have cherished them ever since. While she didn't put names and dates on a lot of her pictures, she always kept them in albums and in relatively good shape. She even had several pictures of her parents. Having nine kids,  you could imagine all the pictures she had. There's nothing sweeter in this world than looking at your grandparents as a child, seeing your great-great grandparents, and even your own parents. My Granny was always beautiful to me and I love seeing her in pictures with her little brother and sister when they were kids or seeing her in pictures with her own babies. I was lucky enough to run into a picture of my own father when he was probably just learning to stand on his own. It's a special feeling to see the man you've always looked up to and adored when he was so small and innocent, just learning to stand and take his first steps. It's amazing to see that your father looks very much like his own grandfather or even that your own son looks like one of your uncles when they were a boy. It's very painful though to look at pictures of an uncle who died too soon in life because of alcoholism and wonder where did the pretty bright eyed boy go wrong. It's fun though to see all your aunts and uncles as kids and see how they dressed or wore their hair or who was always together.

I never got the opportunity to meet my dad's father or stepfather as they died before I was born and my mom's mother died when I was too young to remember so pictures is all I have of them and there's not many but I cherish them so much. I can only imagine what it would have been like to know or remember them but the pictures I have of them let me know a little about them and what they were like and I'll take that any day over nothing at all.

I hate having my picture taken because I hate the way I look in them, how they always catch me at the wrong angle and I end up looking huge as a cow or how I always have a goofy look on my face. I realize though that pictures are an important part of history and an important part of every family. I hope that one day my family pictures will be looked at and cherished like I cherish the ones that belonged to my Granny.

Do you have old family pictures that you cherish? How does it make you feel to look at them?


  1. I do love looking at pictures. A few years ago I started scrapbooking during my senior year. Sadly, I don't have time to do that anymore so my pictures are still in boxes somewhere.

    I lost my grandparents on my father's side when I was very young so I can't quite remember how they looked or were. Looking at their pictures makes me remember a bit about them. :)

  2. I have a few old family photos but not many. My grandparents all passed away when I was fairly young since my mom is 72. I cherish them though, as they are the only connection I have ever had to that part of my family.

    I personally treasure the photos I take of the kids during our annual Disney trips the most. The joy and happiness on the boy's faces is enough to make me smile on even the darkest of days.

    You brought up a great point though. For years I avoided having my picture taken because I hated the way I looked and now looking back, I have very few pictures of me with my children. I wish I had been a little less vain back then, because I definitely regret it now.

  3. I have 4 pictures hanging on my wall that my aunt brought to a professional to have fixed and enlarged- they are of my maternal grandmother, her on her wedding day and each of her parent(probably not long after coming over from Ireland). I love staring at my grandmother's face in the photos, she was so pretty. We were close too. And looking at the picture of her parents in the clothes of their era is like staring back in time.