Book Review: Always the Baker, Never the Bride

I recently finished Always the Baker, Never the Bride by Sandra D. Bricker.

This is a great story about thirty something Emma Rae Travis, who happens to have been diagnosed with diabetes as a teen, and who ironically is a baker. She even won the prestigious Passionate Palate Award for her innovative crème brûlée wedding cake. When she is offered the position of pastry chef by the new proprietors of the Tanglewood Inn, an Atlanta institution being renovated into a five-star wedding-destination hotel, she finds herself attracted to the CEO, Jackson Drake, but she has already pushed his buttons in the wrong way even though everyone seems to love Emma. Jackson is still mourning the death of his beloved wife, Desiree, which is the reason he bought the Tanglewood Inn in the first place but as Jackson and Emma spend more and more time together, he finds it harder and harder to quit thinking about Desiree and he cannot stop comparing the two women. In the end, there is a secret wedding at The Tanglewood Inn, but is it Emma and Jackson or another lucky couple?

I love how this book also includes recipes for some very tasty sounding deserts and includes tips on creating your own special event. Also included are menus and invitations from The Tanglewood Inn, as well as newspaper articles about it, which really gives the reader the feel that they are involved in all the action of opening up The Tanglewood and are involved with all the great people introduced in the book. This is a must read book, especially if you love baking, cooking, or decorating. The characters are great and each one adds their own special touch to this story.


  1. Wow sound like an interesting read. I actually had caught this title somewhere when I was surfing one day. The title caught my attention. I like that it includes recipes too.

  2. I like that it has invitations and the newspaper article - i like books that really draw you in to them like that!