Fall to Pieces by Mary Forsberg Weiland Book Review

I recently bought my first Kindle and the first book I purchased and read was Fall to Pieces by Mary Forsberg Weiland, which is a memoir of drugs, rock 'n' roll, and mental illness. I had heard about this book several months back and was dying to read it and was not disappointed. This memoir follows the life of Mary Forsberg Weiland from childhood to adulthood and her struggles with early drug use and mental illness and throughout her journey with rock 'n' roll after she meets Scott Weiland from the Stone Temple Pilots (and later Velvet Revolver).

Mary and her family struggled early on in life but when she turned professional model at the age of 14 all of that changed for her, but not necessarily for the good. Mary now had lots of money to spend and partied harder than ever, but now she got to party with the best of the best in the greatest clubs that California had to offer. She met her future husband, Scott, at the age of 16 when he was her driver taking her back and forth to modeling jobs. Their relationship was anything but sane but their love for one another was evident and in the end nothing would keep them apart. With both of their careers spiraling out of control due to drug addiction, this memoir is the tale of how Mary got help for her drug addiction and also her diagnosis of bipolar disorder and depression.

This book was very surreal and gives you some insight as to what drug addicts and those suffering with mental illness go through on a day to day basis. There are also parts in this book that made me laugh hysterically, as well as some parts that made me step back and say "Wow! That actually happened." Mary's life on the outside was very much glamorous but on the inside she was suffering with depression, bipolar disorder, and drug addiction. I loved following along in her journey to recovery and loved "meeting" all of her celebrity friends.

Overall, this book was excellent and was very well written and very easy to get into. Once I started I didn't want to put it down. I wanted to find out what happened to Mary next. This book is definitely worth reading and I'd advise you pick it up if you ever get the chance.

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