Bubble Talk Review

Winning several awards in 2010, including Good Housekeeping Best Toy Awards 2010, Bubble Talk from TechnoSource, is also a bit hit at my house with me and my kids. Bubble Talk is a simple yet fun family game. My 11-year-old son called it hilarious and my 13-year-old step daughter actually put away her cell phone and stopped texting long enough to play. Like I said, playing the game is simple. Each player is given a set of caption cards. The judge of each round places a picture card on the table and the other players anomalously place one of their caption cards that they think best matches the picture. The judge decides which caption is the funniest and the person who placed that cards wins that round. The first person who collects five picture cards wins. I like this game because the winner of each round is selected anomalously and each player gets a turn at being a judge. The pictures range from cute to hilarious and include a lot of pictures of animals and kids. It is made for ages 8+ which I think is appropriate and is for 3-8 players so the whole family can play together. I have to admit that I don't always make time to play games with my kids due to my busy schedule but this is a fun game that I can make time to play with them as it doesn't take too long to play but is sure a lot of fun. This is an inexpensive game that is definitely worth buying for your family.

You can find out more about Bubble Talk at www.bubbletalkgame.com or you can follow TechnoSource on Twitter.

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  1. Sounds like it might be a fun game.... You did good if you got a teenage girl to put her cell phone down and play.

    Great Review!! Tweeting it for you. Terry