The Cradle Book Review by Patrick Somerville

I recently just finished the debut novel by Patrick Somerville called The Cradle. I finished this book rather quickly, mainly because I couldn't put it down once I started. The Cradle is the story of Matthew Bishop whose wife Marissa is pregnant with their first child. One day Marissa out of the blue asks Matt to find an antique cradle that she had slept in as a baby so that their own baby could sleep in it as well. The cradle had been taken years before by her mother Caroline who abandoned Marissa and her father. When Matt is given a place to start, he meets several interesting people that lead him to more than he or Marissa bargained for. A trip that should have taken just hours turns into days and Matt and Marissa's lives are changed forever. During this trip, Matt really discovers the power of family, even though he himself never really had one as a child.

I really loved this story and it made me realize that power of love and the lengths we sometimes go for the ones we love. It was very easy to identify with the characters in the story and the pain and happiness they each felt. This is a love story, but not just about the love between a man and a woman. It's also about the love between a parent and their child, no matter what the circumstance or the distance between. This story will definitely have every woman out there wanting to go find their own Matt Bishop to fall in love with.  

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