The Back Sac Review

About the Back Sac
The Back Sac is a unique back support cushion designed by a physical therapist to better support your spine in any resting position. The Back Sac’s unique design uses air to provide the perfect lumbar support whether you are sitting on your couch, at your desk, at the gym, lying in bed, or in your car. The Back Sac creates the perfect pillow to support your neck while traveling. It can be used to support your knees when sleeping or your lumbar curve when performing abdominal exercises. School aged kids can recline against it while reading, watching TV, or playing video games. Because of its ability to adjust to fit all body shapes and sizes, the Back Sac can be used by anyone to improve their posture.  Low back pain is the number one reason for missed work days in the US so prevention is key.

How it Works
The Back Sac is designed to fill the gap between your low back and chair or surface you are sitting on. It also fills the curve in your neck while lying down or reclining. The design is unique compared to other back support cushions on the market. Most support cushions are made to fill the spinal curves by molding to the average person’s neck or low back curve. The Back Sac acknowledges that your spinal curves are probably not average. The Back Sac uses an air bladder that intentionally contains a larger potential volume than the area it needs to support. A small amount of air, relative to the potential volume is blown into the air bladder. The air can then travel into whatever space needs to be filled or supported. Before sitting or lying against the Back Sac, it will appear much like a deflated ball, but when you place it in the curve of your low back or neck and sit or lie against it, it will become instantly pressurized with the air that is inside flowing into your spinal curve. The air will fill all the void and your body’s unique curve will feel fully supported. More air can be added or released based on your individual needs. The air inside the Back Sac can be adjusted to fit any chair or resting surface, perfectly supporting you wherever and whenever you need it.

Where to Buy
You can buy your own Back Sac from here for just $19.95. To find out more about the Back Sac, you can follow them on Twitter or friend them on Facebook.

My Review
I can honestly say that for such a simple design, the Back Sac works great. I have a lot of chiropractic problems involving my back, neck, and shoulder. I get very bad headaches on a daily basis as well. My profession as a transcriptionist 60+ hours a week only adds to the pain. Using the Back Sac, I can really tell the difference. When I'm sitting and watching television, reading a book, or working at the computer, the Back Sac is great to use behind my back as added support, especially when I start to feel a little discomfort from sitting in one position too long. I also really love to use the Back Sac behind my neck when I'm just lying around. I've noticed that when my neck starts to give me problems and I feel a headache coming on, using the Back Sac behind my neck really starts to ease the pain and tension.

The Back Sac is really simple and easy to inflate, even with my asthma. It is also really simple and easy to deflate when I need to. I think the Back Sac would make a great Christmas present for anyone on your list, especially for someone already suffering from back or neck problems. And for the price, you can afford to buy one for yourself as well.


  1. I think I could really use one of this.

  2. Designed by a Physica therapist! i love to see that. I'm an Occupational Therapy Asst. so I love when therapists develope things. It's is an odd shape.

    thanks for stopping by and posting on my what we won wednesday post. Girl you have so much luck!