United States Trivia Games Pack Review

I was recently given the chance to review United States Trivia Games Pack from Python Printable Games for my 10-year-old son. He really enjoys learning new things, especially about Science and Social Studies, and he especially loves trivia, the more challenging the better. I love that Python Printable Games are available for instant download and printing upon purchase. There is a huge variety of printable games, trivia games, quizzes, and coloring pages available. There are adult games, games for teens, games for small children and games for specific seasons and holidays as well. The price is only $19.95 for all 50 United States Trivia Games, which is a great buy for something that is educational and fun for your child. Python Printable Games also has free printables available on their site.

My son really liked all the questions about each state, as some of them were very challenging, but also thought it was fun trying to remember the answers. What I did was just randomly ask him questions and then told him whether or not the answer was right as I had a list of answers and then I'd tell him the correct answer if he was wrong. He was stumped by a lot of the questions, which meant he was learning something new! He also asked me some questions while I was cooking dinner and I have to say these were some challenging questions as I only knew a few but it was fun learning something new. All in all, my son and I had so much fun asking each other questions.

These printables would be great to take along in the car or take to appointments to pass the time. These are great facts to keep your child on their toes and learn something new.

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