A Sudden Outburst of Cosmic Duck Book Review

I recently had the chance to review A Sudden Outburst of Cosmic Duck by Troy Blackford, which is a book of an assortment of short stories. There are many great short stories in this book that I liked and some that I didn't particularly care for.

One story that I really liked was 'The Road Virus.' This is a story of a few teenage boys who created a computer virus that when paired with the technology of self parking cars turned out to be not such a good idea. Another story I really liked was 'A Case of Extremes.' This story, although confusing in the beginning, is the story of two couples and their experiences with renting possibly haunted homes and how they got out with an interesting twist at the end. I somewhat liked 'Rough Draft' but just when I thought I had the story figured out, the ending was not like I expected. 'Birds on Glass' was a good futuristic story as well, although I was a little confused by the ending. And then there are the fun, and my favorite, stories ' Fair Game,' 'Fair Game: Amnesia Amnesty,' and 'Unfair Game' that are just fun to read all the way through.

Most of these stories are futuristic stories, which I don't normally read, but for the most part I did enjoy most of them. I really believe these stories would be great for this younger generation of kids to read as I think they'd enjoy them most as there are a lot of references to modern (and futuristic) technology. There are stories about aliens and green lizard men but there are stories about game show hosts and authors so I guess there are a mixture of stories in this book so there is something for everyone to enjoy. I'm sure you'll find a few for yourself that you like.

You can purchase your own copy of A Sudden Outburst of Cosmic Duck on Troy's blog in paperback for only $15.95 or PDF copy for just $2.99!


  1. Thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed!

  2. Oh I love books like that with neat little storie. The kids rarely allow me to sit and read an entire book. There books are great because I could probably get 1 or 2 stories in before the kids need something lol. Thanks for stopping by my What We Won Wednesday this week. Let me know how the blueberry jam is. That sounds tasty.