A Letter to Teens

Things will get better. Love is a complicated thing. Parents are a complicated thing. Friends are a complicated thing. School is a complicated thing. Basically everything is complicated.

You will find love, maybe not on the first couple of tries but it will come to you eventually, maybe not even in your teens but maybe in your 20s or even your 30s or later. In the meantime, enjoy the ride. You will have your heart broken many times and whether you know it or not, you'll break a few yourself. You'll have good relationships you'll wish never ended and even bad ones you wish never happened. You'll be lied to, cheated on, and put down but you'll also be adored, cared for, and protected. You'll take pictures and then cut them into tiny pieces. You make phone calls and hang up before anyone answers and you'll hear your own phone ringing, knowing who's on the other end, but still not pick up. You'll make lots of memories with lots of people. You'll laugh, cry, smile, and fight with them. In the end, you'll find someone you can do all this with, make happy and sad memories with, but you'll still love them and want to be with them and they'll feel the same way about you.

You'll disobey and disappoint your parents. You'll be embarrassed by them. You'll hurt them beyond belief. You'll go days without speaking to them. But they'll still love you. They'll pack your lunches and fix your dinner and tuck you in at night. You'll disagree with your parents on a daily basis. You won't see eye to eye. You'll want what they can't give. But they'll try their hardest to be understanding and give you things they never got themselves. They'll love you no matter what. In the end, you'll grow up and wish you had listened more to what they tried to tell you because you'll grow up to be like them more than you know. You'll finally respect them and they'll respect you right back.

You'll make friends and you'll lose friends. They'll talk about you behind your back and you'll do the same. Some friends will do anything for you and some will turn their backs on you. Your best friend all your life may become the person you dislike the most when you grow up. The kids you hated in school, you'll be able to say hi and ask how they are doing when you pass them on the street. In the end, you'll have lots of memories, pictures, and fun times with lots of people that will last a lifetime. Friends will come and go all your life but you'll always have at least one you can count on all the time and that's enough.

Make the best of school. You may not like it now but after you're away for several years, you'll wish you had a do over. Play sports and join clubs and be social. Get good grades and actually try hard. One day you'll be proud to say you did your very best.

Basically, make the best out of the short time you have as a teenager because once you become an adult things change. You'll have your own family and own responsibilities. You'll have bills to pay and a job to go to. You'll be busy. You'll go to bed earlier and get up earlier. So while you can, play the music loud, hang out with friends, and break hearts but listen to what your parents say because they have been there and done exactly what you are going through.