Journal Buddies: A Boy’s Journal for Discovering and Sharing Excellence Review

Journal Buddies, said to be the most innovative kids journal to hit the marked in years and created by family oriented author Jill Schoenberg, is a journal for boys and girls (ages 7-12) all about helping your child become more aware of the characteristics you value in them. Journal Buddies books takes a unique, fresh approach on journaling. The primary goal of Journal Buddies is to build a lasting sense of self-esteem in kids through experiential, hands on learning. To summarize, Journal Buddies is not just a journal, but an unforgettable and lasting experience in healthy, inner and outer self-esteem and will give kids a core self-esteem experience that will live inside them forever.

Their mission statement is "To offer parents and teachers the resources they need to empower kids to connect, communicate and celebrate through experiential, hands-on journaling and creative expression.”

Journal Buddies comes in two different versions, one for boys and one for girls and can be purchased from Amazon. You can get free excerpts from each the boys journal and the girls journal here.

Each journal entry has four parts to it:

1. A thought for the day — things like words of advice and helpful reminders.
2. Qualities, traits and talents — where you and your buddies
write down things that you like about each other.
3. A focus word for the day — an idea to explore or simply a word to think about. You can talk about it, write about it, draw a picture about it... or you can choose to do nothing about it. It’s up to you!
4. Blank pages — some are lined and some are not. These pages are for your thoughts and feelings, or your drawings, art, poetry or any other creative journaling ideas that you might want to try. What you think and how you feel is important. And how you choose to express your thoughts and feelings is totally up to you!You can journal about the thought for the day, the focus word, what’s happening in your life, or anything else that you want to investigate or remember. You can even have your buddy write or draw in your journal if you like.

My Review
After looking through Journal Buddies I really loved the idea. It encourages your child to be positive and most of all feel good about themselves. I couldn't wait for my son C. to get home from school, who is 10 years old, to try it out. After looking through Journal Buddies for a few minutes my son couldn't wait to try it out so he did, with me as his journal buddy. The focus word for the first day was treasure and I'd like to share with you what my son wrote.

"I think of treasures like lost thoughts. You gotta dig to find it. You've gotta look hard. Treasures are in everybody."

With this on just the first day, I could tell that this was going to be a very positive journey for my son and me as well being his journal buddy most days. He chose to leave it at that the first day and chose not to draw, color, etc. which is okay because it's his journal and he makes the rules. On the second day he also wrote his thoughts about the word proud but I also encouraged him to draw, color, etc. and he chose to draw about a moment that made him proud the night before, which was making a tackle during his football game.

As I said, I love Journal Buddies and I'm going to continue to be my son's journal buddy as long as he lets me. I think this is a very positive thing and think this would make a great, motivational gift for any young child or pre-teen for any occasion. I would encourage you to purchase one of these for your own child, grandchild, niece or nephew, or just a child you know that should know they are special. These would be great to donate to a child's classroom or bible school as well.

You can follow Jill Schoenberg on Twitter or on Facebook. You can also contact her at her toll free number at 1-877-339-6784 or you can email her directly from her site.

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  1. Angie,
    You picked a fabulous product to review. :) Journal Buddies is a terrific journaling resource for boys and girls. I love the way you showed the layout for each day so folks have an idea of what to expect. I also appreciated the sample you shared from your son's entry as well as his reaction to the journal and his choice of you for his journal buddy. I love that concept. Having a mother/son connection in journal writing is wonderful.

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    Thanks again for sharing an inside view of Journal Buddies and how your son has responded to it. :)

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