BrytonPick Dental Floss Review

I was recently given the chance to review BrytonPick reusable dental floss. BrytonPick is a quick solution where there is no time or place to floss. Using the BrytonPick reduces plaque and bacteria build-up, prevents bad breath, and stimulates proper oral hygiene. BrytonPick is designed to clean between teeth. It is convenient and portable and is ultra flexible and just as thin as dental floss. The best part is, it is reusable for up to 30 days as it is made from germ resistant stainless steel. BrytonPick is safe and effective and was designed, developed, and tested by dental professionals.

Ladies can carry BrytonPick discretely in their purses and bags while on the go or at the office. Men can easily carry the BrytonPick in their wallets and no one would know it was there. Students can easily carry these in their backpacks or pockets to use while at school. These can even be used with braces. They come in many stylish colors.

My Review
I'm the type of person who doesn't floss that much and when I do, I hate to admit that it's not usually with proper dental floss. I usually use a tooth pick or pen cap, paper, etc., basically whatever is lying around for me to use. I know, shame on me right. What I love about the BrytonPick is that I can easily put this in my purse or wallet and take it anywhere I go and keep it there for basically an entire month without having to get a new one.

On my first use of the BrytonPick, I really felt like it did a good job cleaning my teeth. I was skeptical at first that this would even get in between my teeth, especially my bottom teeth which are fairly close together, but it did with no problem and was easy to use. At one point cleaning in between some teeth closer to the back, I did not open my mouth wide enough and I caught the corner of my mouth with this, however, it only left a very slight mark that after just a few minutes was barely visible and it did not hurt at all. However, this did not hurt my gums or teeth at all. The only donwfall to using the BrytonPick would be the fact that I did hurt the corner of my mouth so I'd want to watch my son when using this for the first few times to make sure this didn't happen to him but all in all I really did like the BrytonPick though and will continue to use it and I will pick some up for my son to use when he gets his braces in the next year or so.

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