WondaWedge Inflatable Back Support Review

WondaWedge recently sent me free for review a WondaWedge inflatable back support in Lemon Yellow.

The WondaWedge inflatable back support offers three different angles, sitting up, reclining and lying down. It is lightweight, space-saving, easy to carry and easy to use. The high-quality sueded vinyl material is waterproof and comfortable even in the heat and it only weighs 1.3 lbs. The WondaWedge comes in six different colors. The WondaWedge can be easily be inflated by mouth or with any type of pump but it is recommend to use a foot or electric pump. It is easy to deflate and take along where ever you want to go.

WondaWedge can be used for many indoor activities. WondaWedge is great for relaxing on the floor, reading a book in bed, or recuperating from surgery. WondaWedge is great to use if you are pregnant or breast feeding, snore, have sleep apnea or GERD. With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I love that the WondaWedge is great for those recuperating from mastectomy as it keeps an elevated position, therefore enabling optimal blood circulation to all the vital healing areas for a more speedy recovery. WondaWedge can also be used for many outdoors activities such as a beach or pool side lounger, fishing or star gazing, or can be used at many outdoor sporting events when the bleachers are hurting your back. It can also be used as a camping or RV accessory or you can take it along on your boat.

WondaWedge.com has lots of information on WondaWedge uses outdoors, indoors, how to inflate, retail location, and where to find distributors.

I received a WondaWedge in Lemon Yellow color. I have asthma but I was easily able to inflate the WondaWedge by mouth with very little problem. I like to sit on the floor every now and then and read or watch TV but it always hurts my back so bad that I have to get up after just a few minutes but not with the WondaWedge. I was able to sit on the floor resting my back against the WondaWedge as long as I wanted and my back didn't hurt once. I have a lot of chiropractic problems and this has been wonderful.

My 10-year-old son also sits on the floor a lot while in the living room to watch TV or movies and he tried it out and loved it as well. He said it was very comfortable and he leaned back against it and stretched his legs out and relaxed for the longest time so this isn't just for adults, kids love it as well. For the price of the WondaWedge at just $24, why not get one for the entire family. I love it and this would be great to keep in the car for going to those outdoor football games where you can't find a seat and you have to sit on the ground, now you'll have the most comfortable seat in the house!

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