Beautiful Creatures CD Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Beautiful Creatures CD.Beautiful Creatures is "Parent Friendly" children's music that is educational, encouraging and is great for both the kids and parents to enjoy together. Beautiful Creatures has a sophisticated, beautiful, South African sound. Each song entertains and educates in a new and different way. Beautiful Creatures includes songs that help children to deal with emotional development. Beautiful Creatures uses the very best singers, musicians and actors in South Africa.

My Review
I really loved the beat and the rhythm of each of the songs on the Beautiful Creatures CD. These songs were not only fun and great for my 6-year-old niece but I actually liked them as well and found myself singing along. My favorite is Lucas the Lazy Lion. As an adult, I couldn't help but like these songs and tap my foot to the beat. Even though I enjoyed this CD, in my opinion it would be for younger kids I would say 7-8 or younger. Each song contained a message and each song was fun to hear! And the best part is I got these songs immediately for download on my iPod so I can secretly listen to them myself.

Find Out for Yourself
You can listen to each track of the Beautiful Creatures CD here, as well as order the CD for you and your own kids to enjoy.

Other CDs are available as well, including More Beautiful Creatures, Even More Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Me, Beautiful Bedtime, Beautiful Creatures of the Sea, Beautiful Lullabies, and Dierbare Diere, all with their own messages for children. All CDs are available online to listen to before you buy, which is great, and once your little one hears any of these CDs I'm sure that you will be buying at least one of these.

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