Mastermind Game Review

MASTERMIND® is a game of code maker vs codebreaker and is a classic board game of logic and deduction. In order to win, players must use strategy and problem solving skills to outsmart their opponent. One player is the codemaker and sets a code of colored pegs. The other player is the codebreaker and attempts to break the code with help from clues given by the codemaker. Players take turns being codemaker and codebreaker and whoever breaks the code in the least amount of moves wins! Mastermind is for two players, ages 8 to adult.

MASTERMIND® was first conceived in 1970 by an Israeli Postmaster Telecommunications expert named Mordecai Meirowitz. In 1971, he showed his unique game at the Nurnberg Toy Fair to a small English company, Invicta Plastics, Ltd. At the time, Invicta had an injection molding operation and point of purchase display business. The company based in Oadby, UK purchased the entire intellectual property rights to the game and founder, Mr. Edward Jones-Fenleigh further developed the game and released The Original MASTERMIND® later that year. It quickly became the fastest selling game to date.

Starting in 1973, the box art featured a man in a suit sitting at a table with a woman standing behind him. This iconic image remained on the cover for years to come. MASTERMIND® went on to win Game of The Year Award in 1975. Pressman Toy Corporation purchased the rights to the game in 1982 and continues to manufacturer MASTERMIND® in the United States. Hasbro manufactures and distributes to the rest of the world with the exception of Israel where it’s manufactured by Orda Industries. MASTERMIND® has sold over 55 million copies in over 80 countries around the world and continues to challenge minds as it has for over 30 years!

There are many MASTERMINDS® to choose from!
MASTERMIND® Classic Edition
MASTERMIND® Travel Edition
MASTERMIND® Tin Travel Edition

Where to Buy
MASTERMIND® can be purchased at Pressman Toy Corporation.

My Review
I was sent MASTERMIND® Attaché for review. It came in a convenient zippered cloth carrying case with built in storage pockets, which was a plus for me that way I wouldn't loose the pieces and I could take it anywhere I wanted.

My 10 and 13 year olds and I immediately opened up the game and we read the directions and started to play. I do have to say that I was quite confused at first by the directions (I confuse easily) but after reading a few times I understood the concept of the game.  We each took a go at making a code while the other two tried to figure it out. We were able to figure it out pretty easily and the game didn't seem to be to hard for even my 10 year old to play.

This will be a great game to play this winter when it is cold out and we are hanging around the house more often or also a great rainy day game. I like that this game is easy enough for my kids to play, yet challenging enough that the adults in the house can play and have fun doing so as well. This will also be great to take along in the car on long trips and the carrying case makes this possible. I won't  have to worry about losing the pieces in the car because when the kids are done playing it zips right up for easy storage.

I can't wait until we can get even more time to play this game and master it and come up with more and more challenging codes to be cracked. I can't wait to see who will be the ultimate Mastermind in my house.

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