Finally Watched Eclipse

My boyfriend finally got around to taking our kids and I to see Eclipse yesterday afternoon. Besides the cinema being cold (I guess they thought we were all vampires or werewolves and it didn't matter) I loved it. I've loved all three so far but this one was great because it had a lot more action. It has really got me pumped to see Breaking Dawn because I know it will be even better. Breaking Dawn was probably my favorite book in the series so I'm excited.

I'm really glad that my boyfriend sits through these movies with us. He's not the biggest fan of these types of movies but for New Moon and Eclipse he has had to put his feelings aside and take us to the movies. We didn't see Twilight in the cinema because I honestly thought it would just be a great movie to buy on DVD when it came out but nothing to go to the cinema to see (I hadn't read the books yet) despite thinking the preview looked good. So I finally gave into the hype and bought the book series and found that I couldn't put them down until they all four were finished.

Needless to say since we didn't see Twilight in the cinema we found ourselves out at midnight the day Twilight was released on DVD and didn't go home until three stores later and we had a copy in our hands.

My boyfriend is truly my Edward (or Jacob). It's hard to say. I don't know if I'm Team Edward or Team Jacob, especially after watching Eclipse. So go see it and see for yourself just how good this was.

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  1. I thought this one was better than the previous movies. I watched it with my dad. lol I was so sure he was going to hate the movie (he'd never seen Twilight or New Moon)but it turns out he really enjoyed it. Before seeing the movies I was Team Edward but now I'm stuck between Team Edward and Team Jacob. ;D