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Over the weekend I heard that NBC has yet again canceled one of my favorite TV shows of all time, Heroes. I just can't believe some of the TV shows that these stations cancel and the ones they choose to let run, especially NBC. I hear that NBC will be allowing a "wrap up" extended episode to close the show but this rarely happens and we will see, right. This makes me think of all of the great TV shows that I have loved that have been canceled without even a wrap up episode leaving the viewers with more questions than answers in the end. I would like to know if you have had any favorite TV shows over the years that have been canceled leaving you feeling this way? I have a huge list and I'd love for you to share yours.

1. The 4400 aired on USA Network for 4 seasons before being canceled in 2007. This show was similar to that of Heroes but with a different twist that made it interesting. This was a show that didn't get a proper ending and leaves you wondering what next.

2. Life aired on NBC but was canceled in 2009 before it could air a 3rd season. I was instantly hooked on Life which was a police drama about a detective released from prison after serving 12 years for a crime he did not commit. Each episode of Life was fun to watch and was serious and funny all at the same time. Life ended while answering some questions and leaving others open for a 3rd season which never came.

3. The Black Donnellys also aired on NBC and was canceled after its 1st season. NBC would not even allow the entire 1st season to air on television and we had to catch the last several episodes online only. The Black Donnellys was a series following four young Roman Catholic Irish-American brothers in Hell's Kitchen and their involvement with organized crime. This was a show that my boyfriend and I watched together as he doesn't like most of the shows that I do. We were both instantly hooked. This show offered a little bit of everything and ended with a ton of answers and was completely let open for a 2nd season which sadly never came either.

4. Drive aired on Fox in 2007 and was canceled just after 4 episodes. The series was set across the backdrop of an illegal automobile road race with the central focus being on the competitors and eventually on the puppet masters behind the race. As of 2010 the series has not been released to international markets (with the exception of Canada) or on DVD. This was a great show that I was really starting to get into. There was a big mystery to solve, which I love about TV shows, but I was never able to solve this one as it was canceled basically before it even got a chance.

5. My Name is Earl ran on NBC from 2005 until it got canceled in 2009. Season 4 had ended with the caption 'To Be Continued'. The series' producer, 20th Television, approached the Fox, ABC, TBS, and TNT networks to continue the series, but they were unable to come to terms without "seriously undermining the artistic integrity of the series." Although the show's cancellation came just 4 episodes away from the coveted 100 episode mark which is typically seen as the point when a series becomes able to be syndicated, My Name Is Earl is syndicated on TBS. Long negotiations with TBS ended with the show not being resolved and classified as "dead." My Name is Earl was all about karma and for this cancellation, I hope karma comes back to NBC.

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