Get To Know Your Library During National Library Week

This week (April 12-17) is National Library Week, and what better time to get to know your public library and the services it has to offer? If you think it’s just a bunch of dusty old books, then chances are it’s been a while since you've been to your local library. One of the most popular services offered free at the public library is computer/internet access. There are also computers loaded with educational softwarem for children. The public library offers programs for keyboarding, Excel, digital photography, eBay, and resume writing, etc. But of course, many still enjoy the large selection of books available to check out for free. The library offers reading programs for people of all ages. Studies prove that children who are read to at a very early age typically are more prepared to do well in school and develop a love of reading. So this week get out your library card and load the kids up and take them to the library and see what special events your local public libray has to offer during National Library Week.

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