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For the Man Who Has Everything, Get Him a Premium 9-Piece Soapstone Whiskey Stones Gift Set with Engraved Wooden Box From Kentucky Stoned

My boyfriend is one of those men who is impossible to buy for. Whether it's a present for our anniversary, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, his birthday, or Christmas, I'm usually stressed out because I can never seem to find the perfect gift for him. When he recently casually mentioned that he wouldn't mind having a glass of good whiskey, I immediately knew what I'd be getting him for Valentine's Day, paired with a set of whiskey stones of course, so when I was approved to review the Premium 9-Piece Soapstone Whiskey Stones Gift Set with Engraved Wooden Box by Kentucky Stoned, the timing couldn't have been better. 

Kentucky Stoned is a premier manufacturer of soapstone whiskey stones and they are designed by whiskey enthusiasts who put flavor and taste first. This premium gift set of whiskey stones features nine 2 cm, non-porous, curved stones that are  made from natural and 100% soapstone, which are said to keep your drink of choice cold without diluting it with unwanted odors of flavors. The soapstone material is completely BPA free and FDA approved so you never have to worry about bacteria or germs making it into your drink. They freeze faster than ice and are supposed to keep your drink cold longer than traditional ice cubes. They do not melt and can be reused over and over again.  The set also comes with a hand crafted wooden box and soft velvet bag for easy storage. 

In my opinion however, these whiskey stones didn't make for a more desirable drinking experience as was expected. When put into the freezer, they did get cold very quickly but as soon as they were put into a drink, they didn't seem to change the temperature of the drink at all, no matter how long we waited.  In fact, the stones themselves seemed to quickly take on the temperature of the drink and lost their coldness right away. On the plus side though, they definitely won't dilute your drink as ice does. They do make for a nice aesthetic effect though.

Review of Doodle Notebook and Meeting Note Planner

Since 1990, House of Doolittle has been manufacturing their entire line of calendar products with recycled materials, making House of Doolittle a pioneer in the green movement. House of Doolittle products are made from 100% recycled products, 100% post-consumer paper, 90% recycled wire, 50% recycled cover material PCF (processed chlorine-free paper), paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), printed with soy inks, and 100% made in the USA. When you purchase House of Doolittle calendars, planners and desk pads, you’re not only getting beautifully designed products that help you stay productive, but you’re also helping to save our planet.

The House of Doolittle Meeting Note Planner is made entirely of recycled materials (printed on 100% recycled paper containing 100% post-consumer recycled content, using soy inks). It measures 8-1/2 x 11 inches and is a very professional looking planner that is wirebound with a black leatherette hard cover.  It's very well made. It has enough space for 110 meetings with space on each page for you to include the date, start time, topic, meeting attendees, notes, and action items concerning each meeting. There is even a 12-month 2017 reference calendar on each two sheet spread. The two-piece hard cover folds under, making it easy to take notes without a writing surface. This will be great to take to all the meetings I'll be attending this year.  This would also make a great planner to take along with you to doctor's appointments so you can keep track of the doctor's recommendations, action plans, and other information related to your healthcare.  

The House of Doolittle Whimsical Floral Doodle Notebook is made with FSC certified ruled paper made with a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content. It measures about 9 x 7 inches. This notebook contains 100 pages featuring whimsical floral designs on each page. It also includes several pages in the back for adult coloring. The cover is made well and is very thick and durable. The pages are thick and sturdy. The two-piece hard cover folds under, making it easy to take notes and doodle without a writing surface. This is a multipurpose notebook that could be used for so many things such as notes, lists, reminders, appointments, etc. It would also make a great diary. It's small enough that it can fit well into most medium and large sized purses/bags so it can go where you go. 
You can purchase these House of Doolittle products, as well as others to help you stay organized in 2017 from In addition to being the number one e-tailer of business and office supplies, also carries an assortment of cleaning suppliesmedical suppliesoffice furniture and everything in between.
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**Disclosure: I received the above products for free from in order to perform this review. However, no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.**

Emerald Brand Facial and Bath Tissue Review

Did you know if every American uses Tree-Free tissue products made from farming by-products we can save 370,500 trees every day! 

Nobody knows that better than Emerald Brand who eliminates the need to cut down hardwood trees by utilizing agricultural by-products, sugercane bagasse, and wheat straw, which are traditionally burned after extraction. Burning these rapidly renewable materials is extremely wasteful and harmful to local communities that inhale smoke. 

Emerald procures the traditionally wasted by-products, and turns them into high-quality paper and packaging solutions. Tree-Free material can be used to make packaging in the retail and food industry. 

Farmers no longer have to spend the time and money burning and discarding sugercane bagasse and wheat straw. Instead, Emerald helps local farmers put their leftover material to good use while increasing their revenue. Not only dose this help American agriculture, but it reduces the harmful impacts of deforestation by replacing tree-based packaging with Tree-Free packaging.  

How could you not be impressed with Emerald Brand after reading all that! They've been making responsible choices since 1997. Their product line includes tree-free and recycled towel and tissue products, compostable tableware, sustainable cleaners, and more, products which can be found at because like the Emerald Brand, cares about the environment as well, carrying over 100,000 green, recycled, sustainable, and eco-friendly office solutions. 

For this review, I received some Tree-Free Facial Tissue and Tree-Free Bath Tissue. The facial tissue is 70% tree-free. It's 2-ply and each sheet measures 8.25 x 8 inches. It is made from bagasse and bamboo. It's very soft and gentle on my nose. It's on the thicker side and is fairly strong and doesn't tear easily. The bath tissue is also 70% tree-free. It's made from bagasse, bamboo, and eucalyptus. It's BPA free, chlorine free, and USDA Bio Preferred. It's also septic safe, which is great because we have a septic system at our house. Each roll contains 500 sheets of 2-ply bath tissue and it's on thicker side. I was very impressed with how soft and strong this bath tissue was. It's very gentle. It holds up well and gets the job done without tearing. 

Both of these products are comparable to the higher end brands you can find in stores, in both quality and price. There is one bath tissue brand that I can think of that has gone tube free and while that's great, the Emerald Brand still has them beat  by being 70% tree-free. So if you're looking for eco-friendly tissue products, you should definitely check out Emerald Brand products at

You can purchase these tissue products, as well as other tree-free Emerald Brand products from In addition to being the number one e-tailer of business and office supplies, also carries an assortment of cleaning supplies, medical supplies, office furniture and everything in between.

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**Disclosure: I received the above products for free from in order to perform this review. However, no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.**

Review of Master Caster Products From

I always love it when sends me items review, especially when the products are from a great company like the Master Manufacturing Company, which is certified by the W.B.E. (Women's Business Enterprise). carries a wide variety of Master Caster products, including the Dual ActioMicrofiber Gloves and Roll-Arounds Instant Swivel Wheels that I was recently sent to review. 

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The Master Caster SMARTer Dual Action Microfiber Gloves are very functional. Unlike regular gloves, these microfiber gloves are made with specially designed fibers in the fingertips that allow you to activate/operate any touchscreen device while the palm of the glove can be used to clean finger prints, smudges, streaks, etc. from your touchscreen device. They are lint free, odor free, and static free, which means I can touch my hair while wearing these gloves and I don't have to deal with static. They are also washable and reusable. I'm able to operate all of my touchscreen devices while wearing these microfiber gloves. They also do a wonderful job of cleaning my screens of smudges without causing any scratches. These gloves are on the thin side and not bulky whatsoever. They are very, very soft and warm and keep my hands and fingers toasty. 

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The Master Caster Roll-Arounds Instant Swivel Wheels attach securely (with no tools needed) to most smooth surfaces such as vinyl, plastic, wood, corrugated board, and masonite with a specially formulated adhesive.  The 360 swivel action allows smooth rolling in any direction.  Each set of four wheels holds up to 250 pounds and can help you move file cabinets, bookcases, storage totes and trunks, small safes, tool chests, toy boxes, recycling containers, and much, much more. 

I didn't have an ideal experience with this particular Master Caster product. When I tried to attach these wheels to a plastic storage tote full of Christmas decorations to help me move it easier, they did not attach as securely as I would have hoped and came off when I tried rolling the tote. With this product, there is not much room for error because each time the wheels are applied, the adhesive gets weaker and weaker to the point they will not stick at all. Perhaps I was too hasty when applying them and did it incorrectly. The wheels themselves seemed to be made very well though. It would be nice if you could buy extra adhesives so you could reuse these wheels for moving other products or just have an extra set in case your application doesn't go as smoothly as possible. is more than just a place to shop for office supplies. At, you'll also find a wide variety of cleaning suppliesmedical supplies, as well as discount office furniture for your home and business needs. 

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