Review of Ellie Claire Art Journals

Ellie Claire produces beautifully crafted journals, devotionals, and other creative gift and paper expressions. Ellie Claire interactive art journals help you get creative with your quiet time. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to review not one but three Ellie Claire art journals, Faith & Lettering, The Illustrated Word, and Illuminate Your Story. Each journal has similar lay-flat binding and thick paper but the interiors are unique and each one teaches and encourages a different form of creative expression of faith. 

Faith & Lettering includes a nice introduction that lets you know that your pen can become a way of "declaring the Lord's praise" and that there are many ways to incorporate hand-lettering into your life both spiritually and practically. The purpose of this particular journal is to inspire you to reignite your devotional time, to imprint scripture upon your heart, and to help you dig deep into the word of God the creative way using the art of lettering. You can use this journal to practice the basics of hand-lettering, Bible journaling, and sermon sketch note taking.  

This journal offers you plenty of space for practicing your lettering and sketches. Some of the pages even include expert tips to help you do your very best. There are also beautiful and uplifting Bible quotes all throughout this journal. The pages are thick and strong but I did find that permanent markers tended to bleed through the pages somewhat so it's probably best to use a pen, pencil/colored pencil, or crayon instead. There is also elastic material on the spine of this journal for holding your pen, pencil, etc. 

Illuminate Your Story includes a brief introduction, as well as a history of illuminated letters. You will learn how many illuminated letters survive within manuscripts from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and how the style of these illuminated letters and manuscripts changed throughout history. This particular journal includes step-by-step visual and written instructions that are easy to follow to guide you through drawing and creating the alphabet in illuminated letters so you'll soon be able to add gorgeous images that add beauty to your story. It also provides Bible versus or quotes for each letter of the alphabet to practice on. The pages are very thick and strong and are best suited for pen, pencil/colored pencil, or crayon as marker tends to bleed through somewhat. 

This journal includes elastic material on the spine to hold your writing instrument, as well as an elastic band that will help to keep your journal closed. There is also a page marker and a folder in the back for keepsakes. 

The Illustrated Word is a coloring journal. It's more like a traditional journal where you write down your thoughts or even doodle but it also includes forty illustrations recreated as line drawings that you can color. The illustrations are very intricate and beautifully drawn. I think one should never feel too old for coloring and I personally find it to be very relaxing. The cream colored pages gives this journal more of a vintage feel, which I love. The pages in this journal are also very thick and strong but are best suited for pen, pencil/colored pencil, or crayon as marker tends to bleed through somewhat. This is also the perfect journal to use to show off your lettering skills after you've practiced using the Illuminate Your Story and Faith & Lettering journals. 

I actually have a journaling Bible at home but I've been extremely hesitant to actually use it because it's so beautiful that I don't want my messy handwriting or muddled doodles making it look unsightly. However, because of these three journals I have found that the art of illumination is not lost today but flourishes with individuals who practice the art and these journals are indeed great practice.

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Find the Perfect Photo Gifts for Christmas at Media Storehouse

Media Storehouse is based in the United Kingdom, with production facilities in the UK, USA and Australia, shipping products worldwide. At Media Storehouse, you'll find a huge library of over 4 million images, with that number growing daily, from professional organizations around the world that customers can purchase as professionally printed photographs, frames prints, canvas prints, jigsaw puzzles, mugs, and other photo gifts. Some of the categories include animals, people, architecture, travel, sports, history, and more. Media Storehouse only sources images from professional organizations and they check the size of the image against the products available to ensure optimum results.  

Looking for something Christmas themed? Media Storehouse has you covered. Know a history buff? Then they'd love a print or photo gift such as a coffee mug or mouse pad using "Christmas truce in 1914, World War I." Know someone with a sense of humor? Then they'd love "Santa Claus at the Beach."

I'm particularly fond of "Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim." I love Charles Dickens and I love A Christmas Carol. I remember being in a Christmas play when I was in elementary school and I played Mrs. Cratchit so every time I see an image from A Christmas Carol I feel very nostalgic and I'm taken back to a time when I was young, sweet, and innocent. My son is an English major in college and is particularly fond of Ernest Hemingway and a print of "Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961). American writer. Photographed in Paris, 1922" would be an awesome addition to his office. You can add a sepia tone to any of the images as well.  

What's your favorite print at Media Storehouse and would you get it as a print or a photo gift? Precisely Mine readers can save an additional 10% off of their order when they use the promo code ANGIESUE43 at checkout. 

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Why You Should Go Paperless For The Holidays With Paperless Post

I honestly really do love receiving Christmas cards in the mail and at work from friends and family each holiday season....but over the years I have accumulated quite a lot of these cards. I just feel so bad if I toss them out as soon as the holidays are over but over the years they essentially pile up and end up taking up so much space that they end up turning into clutter, and I hate clutter. Sure, there are a few things you can use old Christmas cards for. You can always take them to your nearest recycling center or you could use them in scrapbooks or to decorate Christmas packages, gift bags, etc. I'm just not that crafty, which is why I like the idea of Paperless Post

With Paperless Post, you can send your holiday cards (or holiday invitations) via email. This is great because I work at a hospital full time and I also work a part time job from home and this allows me to send cards to more of my colleagues because I tend to know their email addresses rather than their home addresses.  Paperless Post offers many designs that can be sent for free to up to 200 email addresses. All you have to do is look for the "free" filter on the left hand side of the page when browsing card designs. If you'd like to send premium card designs or cards with premium add-ons such as envelopes, liners, stamps, postmarks, logos, and backdrops, you can send them with coins, which is the currency that Paperless Post uses. You can purchase coin packages here. The amount of coins needed depends on what premium content you use and the number of email addresses you are sending your card to. As you go through the customization flow, the cost of your card per recipient will appear at the top right corner of the page and after you create your recipient list you'll be able to see how many coins total you will need.

Another thing to love about Paperless Post is that they never show third-party ads on their website, in their emails, or on their mobile app so you won't have to use additional coins to remove these annoying ads. In addition to holiday cards, with Paperless Post you can also send birthday cards and party invitations, baby shower invitations, as well as wedding invitations, save the dates, shower and party invitations, etc. One other free option at Paperless Post is their flyer. Flyer lets you share your event via social media, SMS, email, or anywhere you can past a link.  

I was able to easily import my email contacts, as well as manually add them, and create specific lists. I customized Thanksgiving cards to send to some of my colleagues at work. As well, I customized birthday cards for my son and my boyfriend who both have birthdays very soon. The entire process was super easy and super fun! There are many different cards to choose from and even more custom backdrops, liners, envelops, and stamps. You can change the formatting, typeface, and color of your text. You can choose to send your card immediately or schedule it to be sent at a date and time you pick. 

All the information about your cards is right on your dashboard and you can cancel delivery, preview your card, or make edits. I can't wait to customize Christmas cards for my colleagues, friends, and family and I'm sure they'll appreciate the fact that I took the time to customize a nice card that will not produce any clutter around their home or office. 

What's your favorite card design and added features at Paperless Post?

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*Disclosure: I received free coins from Paperless Post in order to perform this review. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Try Chicwe For Plus Size Women's Clothing

Being a plus size woman, I'm always looking for clothes that not only fit my body type well and are comfortable to wear but are stylish also. Sadly, sometimes that is a challenge.
Chicwe has 15+ years of expertise in plus size fashion and sells plus size women's clothing, from casual to formal, such as dresses, tops and blouses, skirts, pants, and more. Whatever your body type, Chicwe is all about woman showing their curves in style. Their clothing is not only stylish and comfortable but affordable as well. 

I was given the opportunity to review a top from Chicwe and I chose to review the Women's Plus Size Floral Lace Up Tunic Top. This lace up, deep V neck, 3/4 sleeves top is made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane. It's super soft and very comfortable and the fabric feels similar to that of a swimsuit. The fabric also seems to be very breathable. I most usually wear a size 2X in tops so that's what I went with and the 2X fit me perfectly everywhere and wasn't too tight or too loose. I have a rather large bust so I was relieved when this top fit well in that area. I also carry a lot of my weight in my stomach and this top also wasn't too tight in that area. It also wasn't too tight around the arms. It's very hard for me to find stylish tops that fit right in all three of these places but this top absolutely did. I wear this top casually with carpis or Bermuda shorts and sandals or flip flops but it could also be worn with khakis or other dressier pants and heels or other dressier shoes.  

This top is also very affordable and I'd love to see it in different patterns and colors.

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Add Some Pizazz to Your Walls With Wallsauce

My son and his girlfriend recently moved into a cute little house on the corner of our street but once inside they found that the carpet and walls were both very outdated. I don't think the walls had been updated since probably the very early 1990s and were covered with old wood paneling and floral wallpaper. Being Generation Z, my son and his girlfriend just couldn't live in this home with boring, outdated walls so they painstakingly primed and painted each room to better fit their personalities. Had I known about Wallsauce at that time, I could have saved them both a lot of time and effort, and their walls would look amazing right about now.  

What is Wallsauce you ask? At, you will find custom made to measure wallpaper murals that are sure to bring your boring space to life. At, you can chose from a vast collection of wall mural images from some of the world's very best photo libraries, contemporary designers, photographers, artists, and fine art collections. You can also upload your own images and turn your photos and artwork into murals. The murals are simple and easy to install and are easy to clean. When installed correctly, these self-adhesive wall murals are designed not to damage your wall when removed. 

At, you'll find a mural for every personality type. You can bring the serenity of the beach to your home with a beach themed wall mural. There are plenty of wall murals for the animal and nature lovers to chose from. Whether you're looking for something retro or vintage, something contemporary, or something in between, you'll be sure to find a mural that you'll love. There are wall murals for children as well. It's even easy to search for your perfect mural as you can search by category, collection, room, or designer. And don't forget you can use one of your own images as well and turn it into a wall mural.  

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