Terresa Hair Tools Review

I'm not one of those women who wake up in the morning with my hair looking good. If I want to have a good hair day, I have to work for it either with hair styling products, hair styling tools, or a combination of both. I don't always make the time to fix my hair but when I do, I feel a little more beautiful and have more confidence in myself. I recently reviewed two hair styling tools, which can be found on Amazon, the Terresa Ceramic Flat Iron and the Terresa Electric Hair Straightening Brush. 

The Terresa Ceramic Flat Iron is great for all hair types, including my thick and wavy hair. It features a 360 degree swivel power cord, a LCD digital display, and 1-1/4 inch 3D floating plates, which allow for better contact with the hair and quicker styling. It's easy to operate. It has a heat range from 210 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and it heats up in approximately 15 seconds. I've used flat irons in the past that have jerked out my hair but this Terresa flat iron was extremely gentle on my hair. In fact, I could barely tell I was using it. It took me about 10 minutes to straighten my hair and I was very happy with the results and the time frame it took to achieve my sleek, healthy look. 



I've always been a little skeptical of hair straightening brushes but I no longer feel that way after trying the Terresa Electric Hair Straightening Brush. Like the Terresa Ceramic Flat Iron, this hair straightening brush is great for all hair types. It also features a 360 degree swivel power cord and a LCD digital display. It has a heat range from 180 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and it heats up in approximately 30 seconds. It also features anti-scald comb teeth to prevent you from burning your hands and scalp while styling. For the most part, this was gentle on my hair/scalp. It takes me about 5 minutes longer to style my hair with this hair straightening brush than it does when using a flat iron but I'm able to achieve the same great results with hair that looks sleek and healthy. 


Both of these styling tools are inexpensive, easy to use, and will make your hair look amazing. 

Scene75 Entertainment Center Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

Hurricane Relief Fundraiser at Scene75 Entertainment Center

What:  Scene75 Entertainment Center will be hosting a Hurricane Relief Effort at their locations across the state to raise money and collect supplies for those affected by the recent hurricanes. Each location will be holding a ticketed fundraising event, as well as collecting supplies to Stuff the Scene75 Bus. If Scene75 can collect enough supplies to fill their school bus, they will drive it down themselves to deliver to the victims and help with relief efforts.

When:  Monday, September 18, 2017, 6:00PM – 9:00PM

  • Scene75 – Cincinnati, 876 OH-28, Milford, OH 45150 513.965.4050 
  • Scene75 – Dayton, 6196 Poe Ave, Dayton, OH 45414 937.619.3200

Details:  Scene75 recognizes their unique opportunity and responsibility as a gathering place for the community to come together and support causes while having a night of fun. For a $30 ticket, guests will get unlimited attractions all night as well as a $10 arcade card. Scene75 will donate 50% of the proceeds to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP). For donations, they are looking for packaged water, non-perishable food, baby supplies, and bedding.

About Scene75:   Scene75 is an Ohio grown, expanding brand of the largest indoor entertainment centers in the United States. Scene75’s locations have been recognized on the local, state, and international level for their high quality entertainment experiences. Each location features Go-Karts, Laser Tag, Backlight Mini-Golf 130 arcade games, Restaurant and Bar, and various other attractions. For more information, visit www.scene75.com.

A Chance to Win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

I've been a member of Snagshout for a while now. Snagshout's mission is to help shoppers save money on everyday products. Snagshout partners with thousands of merchants to bring shoppers exclusive deals not found on other deal sites. For merchants, Snagshout is a great site to help them get their products discovered. My favorite snag from Snagshout has probably been a charming decorative lantern that adds a nice touch to my living room. 

Anyway, Snagshout recently shared some exciting news that they are officially becoming their own company, Snagit LLC (to read the full release see http://www.prnewswire.com). They plan on adding some great improvements to Snagshout to help you snag even more incredible deals. Most notably, they will be rolling out new places to snag deals besides Amazon. 

To celebrate, Snagshout wants to give you a chance to win an Amazon gift card. The week of June 26th to July 1st, they will be be holding a contest on YouTube to see who can generate the most views for a product they snagged on Snagshout. Whoever has the most views and the best review video will get featured in Snagshout's email and they will win a $300 Amazon gift card. Second and third places will also receive a $50 Amazon gift card and one random lucky uploader will get a prize too. 

Here are the rules

  • You have to title your video “Snagshout Review of ‘Product Name’ by ‘Manufacturer’”.
  • The item you review must be something that you have purchased from your own Snagshout account (could be something you got yesterday or have had since the beginning of Snagshout).
  • The video must be uploaded between the dates of June 26th - July 1st (any videos uploaded before or after those days won’t be eligible, but we’ll still appreciate it!)
  • Don’t mention anywhere the dollar amount you got the deal for from Snagshout (we don’t want to make anyone jealous that you got such a steal).
  • Be willing to edit or remove the video at the request of the product owner. (We don’t think they will want this but just in case). 

If you have any questions about the contest reach out to support@snagshout.com. And if you're not a member of Snagshout yet, you can sign up here:  https://www.snagshout.com/. And please let me know if you upload a video because I'd love to check it out. 

Check Out My New Office Supplies Featuring Expo, Paper Mate, and Sharpie Products

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an insatiable love for office supplies, and that's why I love Shoplet.com so much, because they understand my obsession, carrying over 1,000,000 products. I also can't believe that I've been a part of Shoplet.com's product review program since 2011. With every package I receive from Shoplet.com, I get just as excited as I did receiving my very first one back in 2011. Okay, that's enough reminiscing for now because I want to tell you about the latest products I received from Shoplet.com.

I received some Expo Dual Ended Dry Erase Markers and Expo Magnetic Dry Erase Markers. Both are chisel tipped and contain low odor ink and are for use on white boards, glass, and most non-porous surfaces. 

I have a white board/dry erase calendar at home and I usually add everything I need to remember for that month with a black marker but occasionally I want to add some color when I want a specific date or event to pop for whatever reason. With these Expo Dual Ended Dry Erase Markers,  I can do so without ever having to sit my marker down.  They come in four vibrant colors, red, green, blue, and purple. The Expo Magnetic Dry Erase Markers are pretty great as well. Each marker has a built in eraser and an integrated magnet. Since my white board has a metal back, I'm able to conveniently store these markers directly onto my board. The built in eraser, which works very well, makes it easier for me to fix my mistakes and move on with my task at hand. 

My new favorite pen is the Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pen. It features a premium ink system and delivers super smooth ink in bright, bold, eye catching colors. It delivers crisp and clean lines. In some circumstances, you will need to give the ink a few seconds to dry or else it might smudge.  It features a full body length grip making it comfortable to write with. It is also aesthetically pleasing as well, featuring metallic accents throughout and a uniquely designed clip, which is very sturdy, made to look like it's floating. Overall, this pen allows for a great writing experience. 

Sharpie Clear View Highlighters feature a unique see-through tip that eliminates blind spots while highlighting so you know right where to stop. The see-through tip allows me to only highlight specific information in our new workplace policies and procedures and nothing more.  They come in four fluorescent colors, yellow, pink, orange, and green. They feature chisel tips so you can highlight in either thin or thick lines. They are certified AP nontoxic and feature SmearGuard ink technology that resists smearing of many pen and marker inks. 

Shoplet.com is more than just a place to shop for office supplies though. At Shoplet.com, you'll also find a wide variety of cleaning suppliesmedical supplies, as well as discount office furniture for your home and business needs. 

You can find Shoplet.com on social media at the below links

**Disclosure: I received a sample of the above products from Shoplet.com as a member of the Shoplet Product Review Program in order to perform this review. However, no other compensation was received. I was not influenced in any way and all opinions expressed are my own.**

Review of Cardboard Car Food Box Centerpieces from Nostalgiaville USA

At Nostalgiaville USA, you will find 1950's party decorations, costumes, tin signs, other retro memorabilia, and the largest collection of classic cardboard car food box centerpieces (they even have a few modern styles too), which I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to review, which I was pretty excited about actually, especially since I knew a venue they'd be perfect for. 

Every year from May to October, once a month, the local McDonald's in my small little town  is host to a car show put on by a very respected area car club. It draws in quite a crowd, both young and old, and everyone has lots of fun all evening long making lasting memories with their friends and family while checking out the vehicles on display...and eating. The cardboard car food box centerpieces at Nostalgiaville USA just happen to be the perfect companions for any of the food items sold at McDonald's.

You can get these food boxes in 33 different styles of GM and Chevrolet 1950's and 1960's classic cars. They even offer three modern styles (Chevy Camaro, Chevy Corvette, and For Mustang). These cardboard food boxes are made of lightweight but sturdy poster board and are very easy to assemble with easy to follow directions on the bottom of each car. I was able to assemble 10 of them in approximately 15-20 minutes. Each car measures approximately 12 inches long by 5 inches high (including the windshield). The opening in each of the cars is 4 inches by 4 inches. You can also purchase plastic food liner inserts for these cars (sold separately).

Each car is very detailed from the interior to the moldings to the wheels and my boyfriend (who is a car enthusiast) was able to recognize the make, model, and year of each car without having to refer to the license plate. 

These cardboard car food box centerpieces are perfect for events such as cruise-ins/car shows and birthday parties and can be used for decorating, party favors, or serving food and snacks. You can even use them to store things such as loose change or keys. I gave away three of these to a trio of young brothers who never miss a car show and they informed me that they were going to use them to store their toys. These are all around great fun for both young and young at heart and are definitely eye catchers. I love that they are so versatile and can be used for many things. 

How would you use one of these cardboard card food box centerpieces from Nostalgiaville USA?